• What about TPU High-Performance Materials?

    Waterproof TPU composited fabrics adhere thermoplastic polyurethane films to fabrics (such as nylon or bar wheels) to produce various high-performance materials, maintain their flexibility, and are durable and waterproof, breathable and moisture-permeable (the composite process has a great influence... read more

    2020-07-10 Industry News
  • How To Choose The Right Baby Mattress?

    Babies also need mattresses. The use of mattresses for babies has long been the norm in Western countries, but it has not attracted much attention in China. But now parents are very careful about baby care, so baby mattresses are becoming more and more popular. So, what kind of material is more suit... read more

    2020-07-06 Industry News
  • Natural Latex Mattress is Known as "Gift of Nature"

    Natural latex mattresses are known as "gifts of nature". They are derived from rubber trees and are derived from the sap of rubber trees. They are pure natural materials and can exude a slight milky fragrance. Advantages of latex mattress: Natural environmental protection, safe and non-toxic: Latex ... read more

    2020-07-03 Industry News
  • Inappropriate Choice of Baby Mattress will Affect Health

    The hardness of the mattress varies from person to person. "Sleep hard bed, hard mattress" has always been considered a good habit for people to protect their backs and health. In particular, infants and young children in the growth and development stage, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, will ca... read more

    2020-06-29 Industry News
  • Common Problems of Coolmax Fabric

    Today Xiaoshan Rongli Cloth takes everyone to talk about coolmax fabric related knowledge, if you are interested, then continue to look down: Advantages of Coolmax fabric: 1. Cool-Dry-Comfortable-Breathable-Non-sticky-Soft-Does not leave sweat or mildew-No deformation, no shrinkage-Machine washable ... read more

    2020-06-22 Industry News
  • Functional Analysis of Graphene Fabric

    Functional analysis of graphene fabric: 1. Nano anti-surface: Nano silver has a strong inhibition and killing effect on 650 kinds of microorganisms such as large intestine rod surface, boiling spherical surface, chlamydia trachomatis, etc. It also has a repairing effect on damaged epithelial cells, ... read more

    2020-06-19 Industry News
  • Analysis of Common Baby Mattresses

    Analysis of common baby mattresses: 1. Latex mattress Latex mattress is one of the most popular baby mattresses recently. Their natural anti-allergic and breathable latex has attracted people's attention and replaced the sponge mattress that was once snapped up. The latex mattress uses anti-mite kni... read more

    2020-06-15 Industry News
  • Four Types of Composite Fabrics and Their Characteristics

    We understand what is TPU composited fabric and the difference between TPU composite fabric and other composite fabrics. So what are the specific TPU composite fabrics and what are the specific uses? First of all, we first understand the types of TUP composite fabrics 1. Film coated composite fabric... read more

    2020-06-12 Industry News
  • What are The Characteristics of Knitted Cotton Mattress Fabric?

    Recently, many friends have raised questions about mattress fabrics. Which is more suitable for mattresses? As a matter of fact, as a mattress fabric directly contacting skin, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, especially those sensitive to skin. Next, let's talk a... read more

    2020-06-08 Industry News
  • Benefits of Using Latex Pillowcases

    Today we will be using the benefits of latex pillowcase fabric: 1. Extend service life: Frequent cleaning of latex pillows will damage the sponge and other materials filled in it, affecting the quality of pillows. After putting a pillowcase on the latex pillow, you can avoid staining the pillow and ... read more

    2020-06-05 Industry News
  • Three Tips for Choosing A Mattress Protector

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life are becoming higher and higher. It is like a mattress at home. Not only do we have to clean it once in a while, but we also put a mattress protector on it to keep the mattress from getting dir... read more

    2020-06-01 Industry News
  • Is Your Mattress Comfortable?

    The emergence of sleep problems depends not only on excessive stress in life, but also on sleeping in the bedroom. And for girls, insomnia and less sleep at night can cause poor skin tone, poor complexion, and dull skin. Beauty comes out of sleep, does not pay attention to the quality of sleep, no m... read more

    2020-05-29 Industry News
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