• Classification And Use of TPU Composite Fabrics

    We understand what TPU composited fabric is and the difference between TPU composite fabric and other composite fabrics. So what types and specific uses of TPU composite fabrics are there? First of all, we first understand the types of TUP composite fabrics: 1. Film coating composite fabric Accordin... read more

    2020-08-31 Industry News
  • What Are The Advantages of Knitted Mattresses?

    Today we will introduce the advantages of knitted mattresses: 1. Ergonomics: It is designed by orthopedics experts according to the principles of human spine engineering and conforms to the human body curve. With her, you will have the most ergonomic and natural ecological top sleep system in the wo... read more

    2020-08-28 Industry News
  • What Makes Latex Mattresses Better than Ordinary Mattresses?

    What are the advantages of latex mattresses? 1. Nowadays, more and more families choose to use latex mattresses. The reason why latex mattresses are so popular must have many advantages. First, latex mattresses have strong air permeability, and mattresses pay great attention to air permeability. Bec... read more

    2020-08-24 Industry News
  • What Are The Main Characteristics of TPU Composite Fabrics?

    What is tpu composited fabric? What are the functions of TPU composite fabrics? The name of the TPU composite fabric is thermoplastic elastomer rubber. This material can become soft under a certain heat, but can remain unchanged at room temperature. It is used to stabilize and support shoes. The mai... read more

    2020-08-21 Industry News
  • What Kind of Mattress is Suitable for The Baby?

    Infancy is the most active stage in a person's life. The baby's body, bones, and spine are relatively soft. Improper use of baby mattresses can easily cause bone or spine deformation, and even lead to poor physical development. 1. The baby has poor resistance and is prone to allergies According to a... read more

    2020-08-17 Industry News
  • Graphene Fiber Fabrics You Must Know

    Graphene is the thinnest, hardest, and strongest new type of nanomaterial found so far. Since graphene fabric was officially prepared in the laboratory, it has received widespread attention around the world and is known as the "king of new materials." Underwear apparel and household products made of... read more

    2020-08-14 Industry News
  • Standards, Testing And Certification of Functional Fabrics

    China is a big country in fabric production and consumption. There are many countries with fabric manufacturers and competition is fierce. After China joins the World Trade Organization, textile exports will gradually increase, and high-quality functional fabrics will undoubtedly be short-lived. The... read more

    2020-08-10 Industry News
  • Is It Important That The Mattress Fabric Is Waterproof?

    Soldiers' waterproof clothing is a necessity. It prevents rainwater from penetrating into the body and protects health. So for the mattresses we often use when we sleep, is waterproof performance important? Waterproof functional fabric is a new type of textile fabric. Its components are made of poly... read more

    2020-08-05 Industry News
  • Provide A Better And Healthier Sleep Environment

    In life, in order to keep clean and hygienic, after a period of time, the mattress protector, mattress ticking, pillowcase, etc. on the bed are usually cleaned from time to time. However, most people in life ignore the cleanliness of the mattress. This is not true! Because the mattress is not clean ... read more

    2020-07-31 Industry News
  • What Are The Main Factors Affecting Mattress Performance?

    There are two criteria for choosing a good mattress. The first is to keep the spine straight and stretch no matter what sleeping position the person is in. The second is that the pressure is equal when lying on it, and the whole body can be fully relaxed. In life, people's general requirements for m... read more

    2020-07-25 Industry News
  • A Good Mattress Fabric Helps Improve Sleep

    Before going to work, the pedestrians on the road rushed over, some of the spirit, and some have a weak dark circles, I guess half of these people like to stay up late. People like to stay up late because they lack personal time during the day or when studying or working. Every night, or staying up ... read more

    2020-07-20 Industry News
  • Coolmax Fabric is Quick-Drying and Energy-Saving

    Coolmax fabric is made up of four pipes of fibers and the largest space between fibers, which ensures better air permeability and quickly transmits moisture emitted from the skin surface to the outer fibers. Compared with pure cotton, it can absorb sweat, but its perspiration ability is not high, wh... read more

    2020-07-15 Industry News
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