• What is Flame Retardant Fabric?

    Flame retardant fabrics are widely used in daily life, including curtains, bedding, clothing and other items. They are decorations and handicrafts in bedrooms and living rooms. Today, I will lead you to know more about flame retardant fabrics. How to classify flame retardant fabrics? Permanent flame... read more

    2022-02-12 Industry News
  • High-Grade Jacquard Fabrics Are Favored by Fashionable People

    The yarn part emerges from the cloth surface, showing a protruding three-dimensional shape, and each floating point is connected and assembled to form various patterns. The cloth woven in this way is called jacquard cloth. Advantages and disadvantages of jacquard cloth Advantage: 1. The jacquard fab... read more

    2022-01-28 Industry News
  • What Kind of Fabric is Knitted Cotton for Mattress Fabric?

    Knitted cotton is a kind of fabric formed by bending yarns into loops with knitting needles and interlocking with each other. It is generally used for fabrics and linings of clothing. It has good moisture absorption and breathability, and is comfortable and warm. It is the most widely used children'... read more

    2022-01-21 Industry News
  • What Are The Items For Fabric Testing?

    What are the items for mattre fabric testing? 1. Physical indicators: Physical indicators include the appearance quality inspection of fabrics, including specifications, defects, color difference, weft skew, etc., as well as Fabric strength, gram weight, color difference, color fastness, flame retar... read more

    2022-01-14 Industry News
  • What Are The Advantages of The "Jacquard" Process?

    Jacquard fabrics should not be unfamiliar to everyone. You will often hear businesses introduce new products like this, "This is a yarn-dyed jacquard kit..." But what exactly does jacquard mean? What are the characteristics of jacquard fabrics? What is the difference between jacquard, printing and e... read more

    2022-01-07 Industry News
  • Looking For Comfortable And Safe Mattress Fabrics

    With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher. A good sleep requires a Simmons, so people are paying great attention to spring mattress fabrics. On TV, we often see various problems such as allerg... read more

    2021-12-31 Industry News
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphene Fabrics

    Graphene fabric is a high-tech fabric blended with graphene fibers, that is, a certain proportion of graphene fibers are added to the textile fibers. Graphene fabric is a new multifunctional fabric in the field of clothing, which can be used in the production of high-end clothing such as suits and p... read more

    2021-12-24 Industry News
  • The Characteristics of Knitted Fabrics and Product Details

    Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by connecting loops through each other, which is a large variety of fabrics. Knitted fabric has good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort and warmth. It is the most widely used fabric for children's clothing. The raw materials are mainly natural f... read more

    2021-12-10 Industry News
  • What Are The Precautions For Choosing Mattress Protector?

    Why do we need mattress protector? 1. Mattress protector is a must-choice product for all people who want a good night's sleep, clean and well-maintained mattress. First, they prevent stains, spills and other damage, help extend their life and save cash in the long term. 2. They can prevent dust, du... read more

    2021-12-03 Industry News
  • What is A Functional Composite Fabric?

    1. What is functional fabric? (1) Functional composite fabric: Hydrophilic TPU film and dimensional porous PTFE film are compounded with various needles and woven fabrics (all materials of POLYESTER and NYLON are available). Its products include: A. Comfortable (lightweight, elastic, thermal insulat... read more

    2021-11-26 Industry News
  • Which Clothing Made of Fabrics is Suitable For Baby?

    We all know that the fabrics of clothing include cotton, linen, fiber, woolen cloth, leather, blends and so on. Clothing choices are optimal for different age groups and different fabrics. The production of fabrics for adult clothing basically covers the use of all types of fabrics; So what kind of ... read more

    2021-11-19 Industry News
  • The Difference Between Latex Pillowcase and Ordinary Pillowcase?

    The pillowcases used for latex pillows are made of the same material as ordinary pillowcases. You can choose pillowcases made of wood fiber, bamboo fiber, and pure cotton. The difference between latex pillowcase and ordinary pillowcase is: Ordinary pillowcases cannot fit the curve of the head and ne... read more

    2021-11-12 Industry News
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