The Difference Between Latex Pillowcase and Ordinary Pillowcase?

Summary:The pillowcases used for latex pillows are made of the same material as ordinary pillowcases. You can choose pillowcases made of wood fiber, bamboo fi

The pillowcases used for latex pillows are made of the same material as ordinary pillowcases. You can choose pillowcases made of wood fiber, bamboo fiber, and pure cotton. The difference between latex pillowcase and ordinary pillowcase is:

Ordinary pillowcases cannot fit the curve of the head and neck, and they tend to collapse after sleeping for a long time;

Latex pillows have natural resilience and support, which can absorb and release the weight of the body and the pressure of the head evenly. It helps the cervical spine, spine, bones and muscles to be stressed evenly during sleep and improves the body’s health. Blood circulation can also prevent the occurrence of cervical spine or spondylopathy. It not only makes up for the defects in this aspect, but also can better prevent insects and sweat, with its own antibacterial and anti-mite effects and inhibit more than a dozen details.

Latex pillows are made of pure natural latex. Latex pillows are breathable, hygroscopic, and have high resilience, but they do not have memory characteristics.

Ordinary pillowcases are made of cotton cloth, cotton polyester and man-made fibers. There are three common one-piece wrap types, Oxford type (with flat edges) and embellishment type. All three types of pillowcases have an inner seal to fix the pillow, so there is no need to implement some reinforcement measures on both sides.

Pillows, as an indispensable household commodity in people's lives, and bedding form a family's numerous bedding series. For the same bedding, people usually only pay attention to cleaning and drying the bedding, pillow towels, and pillowcases, but rarely "invite" pillows outside the house to ventilate and dry.

As everyone knows, every night when sleeping, the pillow is the "main throat" through which the dirty breath in the bedding passes. In addition, when people sleep, a large amount of impure gas exhaled infiltrates, as well as the sweat and dirt secreted by the scalp, making the pillow a "dirty mess". "Hidden dirt" place. Relying only on cleaning the outer pillow covers and pillowcases is only "a temporary cure but not a permanent cure", but the filthy smell in the pillow core cannot be removed.

Therefore, pillows have become one of the most unclean places in modern families, which are called "pillow blind spots". Pillow drying bags are specially made for families to conveniently dry their own pillows.

It is recommended that pillows should be aired and disinfected frequently to maintain hygiene. In addition to drying pillows, families with conditions should also replace the pillows frequently. According to medical experts’ recommendations, the pillows should be replaced at least once every two years, preferably once a week.

The benefits of using latex pillowcases:

1. Extend the service life: Frequent cleaning of latex pillows will damage the sponge and other materials filled in it, which will affect the quality of the pillow. After putting a pillowcase on the latex pillowcase, you can avoid staining the pillow and avoid frequent cleaning, so that the quality of the pillow is not so easily damaged and the service life is prolonged.

2. Avoid allergies: Latex pillows contain latex protein, which is a kind of allergen. After putting a pillowcase on a latex pillowcase, the skin will not be in direct contact with the pillow, which can reduce the incidence of allergies for people with allergies.

3. Easy to clean: Put the pillowcase on the latex pillowcase. You only need to clean the pillowcase regularly. It is very easy to clean the pillow.

4. Good air permeability: It has good moisture absorption and air permeability, which is especially suitable for people who snore and can effectively reduce snoring.

5. Improve cervical spine: Long-term use of latex pillowcases can effectively improve the cervical spine and lumbar spine and lower blood pressure.

6. Non-toxic and no side effects: The latex pillowcase is made of pure natural latex, which has no harm or side effects to the human body. The pure natural material has good antibacterial and anti-mite effects, providing a healthier and cleaner sleep environment.

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