Healthy sleep, anti-bacterial and anti-mite!

Healthguard imported from Australia . Healthguard fabric prevents the dust mites from spreading infestation to any treated article by playing a contact repellent role . Healthguard can also detroy the dust mites microbial food sources ( such as yeasts , moulds and bacteria ) and prevent reinfestation , giving long-term protection.

1. Environment friendly and using easily

2. Biodegradable

3. Does not emit volatile organic compounds

4. Non-irritant and non-sensitising

5. Durable. Long lasting use and not affected by sunlight and UV rays


Medical Herbs, New Pride in Textiles!

Artemisia fiber is made from natural herbaceous plant , by extractingeffective components from stems and leaves,New Type of Ecological and Environmental FiberDerived From Natural Plant.

Fiber Properties of Artemisia argyi

1. Retain the effective ingredients of Chinese Medicine, and have natural effect of antibacterial and bacteriostatic.

2. Artemisia fiber can dispel cold , peripheral nerve collateral , promote circulation and relieve fatigue effect.

3. The fabric made of Artemisia fiber is soft and breathable


Superior protection

Teflon is one of the most effective repellents applied to fabrics . It is different of similar treatments because it forms a molecular barrier around individua fibres , Teflon acts as an effective protection against water and oil based stains and it is easily cleaned . Teflon treatment repels many water and oil based stains , so that fabric stays clean longe.

1. Keeps water and oil from being easily absorbed by the fabric

2. Effectively repels stains and dirt from fabric.

3. Water and oil based stains bead up on the surface of thetreated fabrics.

4. Liquids remain on the surface and can easily be wiped away with cloth

5. Easily machine washed

6. Keeps effectiveness for up to 30 washings


Fresh Sleep, Different Experiences!

The fabric made of coffee charcoal fiber not only has the characteristics of natura and environmental protection, but also has many functions such as far infrared,negative ion, heat accumulation, warmth retention and so on

Functions of Coffee Yarn

1. Compared with the ordinary PET fiber , the temperature range is higher under illuminatio

2. Coffee charcoal fiber has special microporous structure and strong inner cavity that attracts odor, thus inhibiting bacterial growth

3. Neutralize oxygen free radicals and alleviate cellular oxidation


Improve Sleep Quality and Quality Life!

The effect of magnetic therapy on human body

1. Promote blood circula?on and improve microcircula?on. Eliminate fa?gue and promote physical recovery.

2. Promote inflamma?on recovery, remove swelling and pain.

3. Eliminate the accumula?on of free radicals in the body, enhance resistance and improve immunity.

4. Promote cellular metabolism and accelerate the excre?on of intracellular wastes and harmful substances.


Technology makes cleanliness easy to reach!

Oil releaseing is easy to stain the surface of the fabric.Use the general washing method to remove, and make the dirt that wash is not returned to decontamination in thewashing process. In the process of dressing, the fabric is absorbed by dust and human waste in the air and stain to form dirt.Inparticular, synthetic fibers and blends are easy to carry electrostatic adsorption dirt, and because of the surface hydrophilic difference, washing medium water is not easy to permeate the fiber dirt can be hard to get rid of.The surface of the fabric is also oily, so it is suspended the dirt in the cleaning solution can easily restain to the surface of the fiber, causing recontamination. The basic principle of adding synthetic fiber and its blended fabric is easy to decontamination the method increases the hydrophilicity of the fiber surface and reduces the surface tension between the fibers and water force, it is best that the surface of the wet water can expand after wetting, resulting in mechanical forces dirt can leave automatically.The method is to get a high degree ofhydrophilic on the surface of the fabric


Fresh Sleep, Different Experiences

Green tea is a national drink in our country. Green tea is rich in tea polyphenols,tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activity and are blocked. The effect of lipid peroxidation and scavenging of active enzymes can inhibit cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenols is still water soluble substance, can clear the skin greasy, convergence pore, can be sterilized, antibacterial,anti-aging effect. Tea polyphenols, the active ingredient in green tea, are in the form of nanoparticles spread evenly over the mattress fabric, during sleep, with the skin. The constant friction of the fabric, the tea polyphenols will be released from the fiber and will be released. The body epidermis is absorbed to achieve the health benefits of green tea.

1. It has the effect of removing greasy skin and closing pores

2. It has disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging function

3. Can effectively reduce the uv radiation damage to the skin

4. It has the function of refreshing brain and refreshing health,which can have a certain relief effect on migraine


True love comes from nature

At present, it is generally believed that vitamin E can improve reproductive function, health care and antioxidant activity. According to the data, vitamin E has been a popular product in the international market, and the consumption of vitamin E increases by 10% every year. More than 35% of people in the United States have taken vitamin E products. In Singapore, vitamin E pills are considered essential for life. When the human body lacks vitamin E, the lipids (mainly saturated fatty acids) that make up the biofilm are liable to produce hypertrophic lipids. As a result, the permeability of the biofilm changes, the cell membrane breaks down, and the membrane structure (such as mitochondria and lysosomes) of the cell breaks down, resulting in changes in cell metabolism and functional morphology. Aging of the human body. Vitamin E, as an antioxidant in vivo, can protect cells from the attack of oxygen free radicals, so that immune function is always full of vitality. Dr. Al Mindel, an internationally renowned nutritional and health scientist, put forward in the vitamin Scripture that vitamin E makes us durable and vigorous, and it is human growth. Physical and health indispensable substances. Studies have proved that vitamin E can enhance the reproductive capacity of male and female animals, and can restore and improve the sexual function of male animals.


Leading the Fashion and Healthy Trend of Mattress Fabrics

What is Nawen Fiber?

1. Naveen fiber, is also named far infrared fiber.

2. Effec?vely emit far infrared light from 4 to 14μm,which is easily absorbed by human body.

3. It has strong penetra?on capacity and can reach 3 to 5cm below the skin, so as to promote deep organiza?on warmimng and produce resonance effect.

Fiber function of nano-temperature

Compared with the ordinary PET fiber, the temperature range is higher under illumina?on.Promote the blood circula?on and metabolism of the human body. It has the func?ons of elimina?ng fa?gue, restoring physical strength,health care and adjuvant treatment.

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