What is A Functional Composite Fabric?

Summary:1. What is functional fabric? (1) Functional composite fabric: Hydrophilic TPU film and dimensional porous PTFE film are compounded with various needl

1. What is functional fabric?

(1) Functional composite fabric:

Hydrophilic TPU film and dimensional porous PTFE film are compounded with various needles and woven fabrics (all materials of POLYESTER and NYLON are available). Its products include:

A. Comfortable (lightweight, elastic, thermal insulation, windproof, waterproof);

B. Health (moisture wicking, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial);

C. Safety (wear resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance) and other characteristics.

Mainly suitable for windbreakers, cold-proof jackets, down jackets, wading pants, mountaineering suits, golf suits, bicycles

Outdoor professional sportswear. Because of its good comfort and no environmental problems, it has gradually replaced general PVC and coating to become the mainstream of the market, and is widely used in all walks of life.

(2) Functional knitted fabric:

Moisture wicking series C-DRY, anti-ultraviolet series UV-CUT, anti-mildew and antibacterial series ANTI-BACTERIA, far-infrared FAR-INFRARED RAY series, etc.

(3) General composite fabrics:

A variety of suede and plush, polar fleece, lamb wool and needle, woven single jersey fabric and other composite fabric products.

Processing of composite fabrics (glue compounding and flame burning) and washing, etc.

2. What is the functional composite fabric?

People generally refer to the KAILAS men's three-in-one assault jacket (two-piece suit) KG11171 Kailas authentic clothing, which is mostly called parka in major consumer product catalogs, and there are also a small number of jackets. According to the interpretation of Webster's dictionary, the word parka comes from Russian, which means a hooded leather pullover in the Russian Arctic. It was later extended to refer to all hooded jumpers or jackets that can be lined.

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