• What are The Advantages of 3D Mattresses?

    There are many types of functional fabric. Today we will briefly talk about 3D mattresses. The 1.3D mattress middle connecting wire is a 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament with super high-quality support. Each bed (1.8 * 2m) supports up to 4 million support points. According to the pressure of the ... read more

    2020-02-24 Industry News
  • Determine The Specific Configuration of The Mattress According to Different Sleeping Needs

    Regardless of the strength of various brands of mattress, the choice of mattresses needs to determine what height range the bed supports. Then there is the physical and psychological tendency towards a hard sleep or a soft or moderate soft sleep to match the actual needs. First, mattress hardness an... read more

    2020-02-21 Industry News
  • Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking High Quality Fabric

    Since 1986, the excellent function of coolmax fabric has been assisting top athletes to improve their performance. Sports lovers pursue coolness, softness and excellent functions. Coolmax fabric is their firm and wise choice, which can make people feel comfortable and ventilated for a long time, war... read more

    2020-02-17 Industry News
  • RongLi Pays Attention to Your Sleep and Health

    The post-90s generation has become the generation with the most sleep deprivation and the worst sleep in China. The 2019 China Sleep Index Report shows that more than 50 million people stay up late every day in China, more than a third of them do not fall asleep until 1 am, and those who sleep the l... read more

    2020-02-14 Industry News
  • Teflon:RONGLI ’s waterproof fabric uses teflon additives.

    Teflon is one of the most effective repellents applied to fabrics. It is different from similar treatments because it forms a molecular barrier around individual fibres. Teflon acts as an effective protection against water and oil based stains and it is easily cleaned. Teflon treatment repels many w... read more

    2019-10-04 Industry News
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