• According To The Needs of Users To Buy Suitable Mattresses

    What are the characteristics of mattress fabric and different fabrics? Nowadays, people attach great importance to the quality of life, and their requirements for clothing, food, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher. For consumers, the most important thing when buying a mattress ... read more

    2020-04-07 Industry News
  • Specific Analysis of Coolmax Fabric Characteristics

    What is Coolmax? What are the characteristics of coolmax fabric? Coolmax is a high-tech moisture-absorbing breathable polyester fiber. Coolmax has strong air permeability and good moisture control, which can pump excessive heat and sweat generated by human body out of skin and transmit to the surfac... read more

    2020-04-03 Industry News
  • Which Fabric is More Suitable for Mattress?

    Recently, many friends have raised questions about mattress fabric. Which is more suitable for mattresses? As a matter of fact, as mattress fabrics that directly contact skin, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics, especially those that are sensitive to skin. Next, let's... read more

    2020-03-30 Industry News
  • Knitted Fabrics Begin to be Multifunctional and Upscale

    High-grade knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and ventilation, excellent elasticity and extensibility and its producibility. Knitted garments are comfortable to wear, close to the skin and body, free of tension, and can fully reflect the body curve. Modern knitted fabrics are riche... read more

    2020-03-27 Industry News
  • A Good Mattress Brings Good Sleep

    Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon for human beings. Sleep accounts for nearly 1/3 of the time in a person's life. Its quality is closely related to the health of the human body, which shows how important sleep is to everyone. In a sense, the quality of sleep determines the quality o... read more

    2020-03-23 Industry News
  • What You Need to Know about Mattress Care?

    Mattress also has a life span, and its supporting power and comfort level are not as good as before after 5-7 years. If you want to prolong your service life, you must take care of it when you buy it back home. Don't fold the mattress when installing, the damage of the mattress's frame is permanent,... read more

    2020-03-20 Industry News
  • Graphene Fabric is A High-tech Fabric

    Graphene is widely used. With the maturity of graphene technology, it is gradually applied to the clothing industry. So what is graphene fabric? In fact, a certain proportion of graphene fiber is added into textile fiber. Although the content is not too high, it has a great influence on the quality ... read more

    2020-03-16 Industry News
  • Graphene is Increasingly Widely Used in Textile Industry

    Graphene fabric has become a new material attracting worldwide attention since professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, physicists from Manchester University, UK, won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. In recent years, graphene has been widely used in textile industry. Preparation of high-pe... read more

    2020-03-13 Industry News
  • TPU Composite Fabric is A New Type of Fabric

    TPU composited fabric is a kind of composite material formed by compounding TPU films on various fabrics, and a new type of fabric is obtained by combining the characteristics of the two. TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane, is a linear block copolymer composed of soft segments of oligomer polyol and ha... read more

    2020-03-09 Industry News
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Knitted Mattress Fabric

    Recently, many friends asked about the mattress fabric. They asked more about the differences between knitted cotton, all-cotton and pure cotton. Which is better to use in the mattress? Indeed, as the mattress fabric that directly contacts our skin, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of... read more

    2020-03-06 Industry News
  • Understand the Main Characteristics and Properties of Graphene Fabrics

    What are the advantages of graphene fabric? Graphene is currently the thinnest and strongest material in nature. Its strength is 200 times higher than that of steel. At the same time, it has good elasticity and its stretching range can reach 20% of its own size. As the thinnest, strongest and most c... read more

    2020-03-02 Industry News
  • Knitted Fabric has Excellent Elasticity and Extensibility

    What is knitted fabric? What are the characteristics of knitted fabric mattresses? It is formed by the countless loops of longitudinal or transverse loops. Each loop can be completed through the loop-forming loop process of knitting needles. The fabric weaved in this way is called knitted fabrics, w... read more

    2020-02-28 Industry News
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