Natural Latex Mattress is Known as "Gift of Nature"

Summary:Natural latex mattresses are known as "gifts of nature". They are derived from rubber trees and are derived from the sap of rubber trees. They are pur

Natural latex mattresses are known as "gifts of nature". They are derived from rubber trees and are derived from the sap of rubber trees. They are pure natural materials and can exude a slight milky fragrance.

Advantages of latex mattress:

Natural environmental protection, safe and non-toxic: Latex is a natural material, 100% natural latex has comfortable and natural mild characteristics, will not have a pungent plastic smell, and will not produce toxic gas when heated. The latex is made from natural plants. After several years or 4-6 months of exposure to sunlight, it can be automatically decomposed and returned to nature, which fully complies with international environmental standards.

Good elasticity: Latex is made of natural foam and has a porous structure. The bubbles are filled with air at any time, so the elasticity is excellent, and there are different density models for people of different weights to choose. The general density is distributed between 40-45 , The most soft and moderate density is 60-70, and those who like hard beds can choose the density between 70-85.

Breathability, hygiene and heat dissipation: the porosity of the latex mattress allows numerous pores inside the mattress to allow air to circulate freely. The breathability is first-class, which can keep the mattress dry and cool, so it also has the ability to inhibit bacteria, fungi, mold and dust. The antibacterial properties of mite growth, especially in summer, this function is more obvious and practical, and it is healthier and healthier to use. And its breathability also helps to radiate excess heat and moisture from the body during sleep, keeping the body refreshed, thereby improving sleep quality.

Good support performance and pressure dispersion: the contact area of ​​the latex mattress with the human body is larger than other mattresses, and it is composed of millions of air bubbles, which can evenly distribute the body's weight bearing capacity, so it can disperse the pressure of all parts of the body, especially It is the neck, waist and buttocks, so it can achieve the effect of correcting bad sleeping posture.

Stable and silent: Another major feature of latex mattresses is noise-free, vibration-free, unique porous spacing independent support design, which can absorb noise and vibration caused by sleep flipping, so that sleep is not disturbed, and sleep quality is effectively improved , So even if the person next to you frequently turns over, you can also enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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