• How Much Do You Know about Coolmax Fabric?

    What fabric is Coolmax fabric? Coolmax fabric is a kind of Polyester, a high-tech moisture-absorbing and breathable polyester fiber developed by DuPont. It has strong breathability and good moisture control, thereby enhancing the comfort of the wearer. ‍The advantages of Coolmax fabric 1. Cool-dry-c... read more

    2021-11-05 News
  • Advantages And Production Process of TPU Composite Fabric

    I don’t know how much you know about TPU composited fabric. Below we will briefly introduce the advantages and production process of TPU composited fabric. TPU composite fabric and PTFE composite fabric are a new type of material made by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven mat... read more

    2021-10-28 News
  • The Development Trend of Graphene Fabrics

    Graphene fabric is a fabric produced by mixing graphene fibers and ordinary fibers. The fabric has the functions of graphene's far-infrared, antistatic, antibacterial and mites removal. There are knitted graphene fabrics, pongee graphene fabrics, nylon graphene fabrics, polyester taffeta graphene fa... read more

    2021-10-21 News
  • The Development Trend and Market Prospects of Functional Fabrics

    With the development of science and technology and the needs of people's lives, more and more functional fabrics have been discovered and applied in our lives. Below we briefly talk about the development trend and market prospects of functional fabrics. The development trend of functional fabrics: 1... read more

    2021-10-14 News
  • Is Coolmax Fabric The Same As Polyester?

    Coolmax fabric belongs to a kind of exclusive sportswear developed by DuPont. This fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber, and the fabric structure has four tubes of fibers, so the overall comfort, breathability and perspiration of the fabric are excellent. Because of this performance, coolmax fab... read more

    2021-10-09 News
  • Introduction to The Development of Functional Sportswear

    Moisture conduction is one of the most important functions of knitted functional sportswear. Especially in sports and outdoor sports, the heat conduction and perspiration function of knitted sportswear for sports and leisure is the first condition for customers to choose. The structure of this fabri... read more

    2021-09-30 News
  • The Efficacy And Role of Graphene Fabrics

    Graphene is currently the thinnest and highest-strength material in nature. Its strength is 200 times higher than that of steel. At the same time, it has good elasticity and can stretch up to 20% of its own size. As a new type of nanomaterial with the thinnest, strongest, and strongest electrical an... read more

    2021-09-23 News
  • Explain The Importance of Waterproof Fabrics

    What is waterproof fabric? Waterproof fabric is a new type of textile fabric. Its composition is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane) and cloth composite fabric. It has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof and warm. Sometime... read more

    2021-09-16 News
  • Breathable Baby Pillow Takes Care of Your Baby's Sleep

    As a baby mother, many people will ask if a baby needs to buy a pillow. In fact, this is judged according to the child's age. If the baby doesn't need to sleep on a pillow in six months, it can be considered at this time after the baby is six months old, because at this time, the cervical vertebra b... read more

    2021-09-09 News
  • There Are Many Varieties of Knitted Jacquard Fabrics

    What are the characteristics of knitted jacquard fabrics? Knitted jacquard fabric is good-looking but easy to scratch, so you must be careful when wearing it and washing it to avoid scratching your nails. The advantages of knitted fabrics: soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excelle... read more

    2021-09-02 News
  • The Application of Knitted Fabric is Very Wide

    Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by bending yarns into loops with knitting needles and stringing them together. It is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. At present, knitted fabrics have been widely used in clothing fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products. Today, the editor ... read more

    2021-08-26 News
  • What Should I Do If The Knitted Printed Grey Fabric Has Too Much Hair?

    What should I do if there are too many hairs on knitted fabrics and printed grey fabrics? Knitted fabric printing is a headache because of the large number of grey fabrics. The main reason is that the pretreatment process of knitted fabric and woven fabric is different. Knitted fabric does not do si... read more

    2021-08-19 News
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