• Mattress Selection Skills Introduction

    There are so many kinds of mattress ticking in the market, today we will talk about how to choose mattress fabric? 1. Look at: Look when choosing a mattress. The appearance of the mattress is our first choice. The color should be suitable for our needs. In particular, we should pay attention to whet... read more

    2020-11-20 News
  • A Baby Latex Pillow That Can Breathe

    The baby's skin is very delicate and the mother will always want the best for the baby. The cashmere-like touch of seaweed fiber, strong antibacterial properties, and breathability will make every mother feel at ease. Baby has a strong metabolism and is active and active. It will easily sweat, induc... read more

    2020-11-13 News
  • Several Misunderstandings in The Use of Mattresses

    Today, mattress fabric manufacturers talk about the misunderstandings in the use of mattresses. If you are interested, continue to look down. The consequence of sleeping directly on the mattress is that during sleep, the body’s average outflow of about 500 ml of water every night and the daily metab... read more

    2020-11-06 News
  • Tips for Choosing A Latex Mattress

    Latex mattresses on the market are becoming more and more popular, but the quality is also uneven. Today Rongli Company will teach you how to choose latex mattresses? 1. Experience the feeling for yourself; in order to determine whether the mattress has good elasticity, you can press the test bench ... read more

    2020-10-30 News
  • Can You Distinguish Between Various Functional Fabrics?

    Many netizens have distinguished the functional fabrics such as water repellent, waterproof, breathable, breathable and windproof? If you have misunderstandings or don't understand, let the editor lead you to explore the knowledge of these fabrics. 1. Water repellent fabric: The water-repellent prop... read more

    2020-10-23 News
  • Customized Mattress Products Are More in Line With Their Needs

    Today we will introduce the benefits of custom mattresses from different groups of people: 1. What are the benefits of custom children's mattresses? What are the benefits of custom mattresses? First, let's take a children's mattress as an example. Parents and friends with children at home should kno... read more

    2020-10-16 News
  • Precautions for Purchasing Baby Fabric

    Baby fabric purchase precautions: 1. For children's mattresses, try to choose pure cotton fabrics, memory cotton and other environmentally friendly cotton fabrics without added chemicals. Soft cotton fabrics help children sleep and improve their sleep comfort. 2. It is necessary to examine its air p... read more

    2020-10-09 News
  • Is it Necessary To Buy A Crib Mattress?

    The baby is the future of a family, so parents will worry about their baby, whether it is life or the future of work. There is no need to buy a mattress for a baby crib. It is enough for many novice parents to worry about. Let me talk about the benefits of baby mattress fabric. Everyone will know if... read more

    2020-10-02 News
  • Graphene Fabric is A Popular New Fabric

    Graphene fabric can also be used in medical protection, special military applications, etc. Graphene fabric is a new type of fabric that has emerged on the market in recent years. It has many characteristics such as low-temperature far-infrared heating, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-static, ... read more

    2020-09-25 News
  • What Are The Special Features of Mattress Fabrics?

    People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. This sentence is not an exaggeration when used on mattresses. The mattress fabric is the clothes of the mattress, but for the mattress, it is not enough to look at the appearance of the fabric. It is also necessary to examine whether the mattress fabric me... read more

    2020-09-18 News
  • The Mattress Must Not Only Have Good Support But Also Improve The Quality of Your Sleep

    During daily rest, the mattress must not only have good support but also improve the quality of your sleep. At the same time, an excellent mattress is also very durable. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of mattress materials, mattresses will become more and more expensive; therefore, you ne... read more

    2020-09-11 News
  • General Household Mattresses Choose Knitted Fabrics

    Generally, mattress fabric will use chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, and cashmere fabrics. The price of chemical fiber fabric is low and the air permeability is average. Cashmere fabrics are basically used for high-end mattresses. Generally, knitted fabrics are sufficient for household mattr... read more

    2020-09-04 News
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