General Household Mattresses Choose Knitted Fabrics

Summary:Generally, mattress fabric will use chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, and cashmere fabrics. The price of chemical fiber fabric is low and the a

Generally, mattress fabric will use chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, and cashmere fabrics.

The price of chemical fiber fabric is low and the air permeability is average. Cashmere fabrics are basically used for high-end mattresses. Generally, knitted fabrics are sufficient for household mattresses.

Knitted fabric is the most common fabric in mattresses, and it is also a kind of mattress fabric with high cost performance. It has good elasticity, moisture absorption and breathability.

When it comes to mattress fabrics, one has to mention Bekaert, the world's top fabric supplier, the "Rolls Royce" of the fabric industry. Bekaert's new technology: It can be controlled at any time, it can automatically change the shape of the polymer according to the change of human body temperature, increase the evaporation of moisture, and improve the cooling capacity, thereby ensuring a dry and stable comfortable sleep, and a dry sleep environment is more hygienic, and Extend the life of the mattress.

There are 3 million fine pores on the surface of the skin. These pores shrink and relax day and night to breathe, secrete sweat, excrete sebum and metabolites in the body, regulate body temperature and normal functions, and cell division is vigorous at night. time. If the material of the mattress is not breathable and perspiration, it will hinder the skin's breathing and excretion, the skin is prone to roughness and allergies, and it will also affect the endocrine function for a long time. Bekaert’s constant control is intended to solve the material problem of mattress fabrics, feel comfortable, without static electricity, and create a healthier sleeping environment.

Time control is a passive textile that can react dynamically to temperature changes. When your body needs to cool down, your body will push the heat to your skin, and your skin will produce sweat. Time control helps your mattress to effectively remove this sweat. Evaporate. It can be controlled at any time, and it also affects the two people in the bed individually. It keeps both people cool and dry in a coordinated manner. It improves your sleep quality throughout the night and every night. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel energetic and full of energy.

A good mattress fabric should be soft and comfortable, skin-friendly and breathable. However, since the mattress is in contact with the human body for 1/3 of the time, the health and environmental protection of the mattress should be paid more attention to, so many brands will make some removable and washable designs. But it is worth noting that because the mattress fabric is usually stitched together with the sponge, it must be dried and handled after washing, otherwise it will only breed more bacteria.

In short, choosing a mattress requires independent judgment, pay less IQ tax, look more, do more homework, and give your own health a layer of protection.

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