The Selection of Baby Clothing Fabrics is Exquisite

Summary:With the dazzling array of baby clothes on the market, are the mothers dazzling like me before? The clothes are worn by the baby every day, and mother

With the dazzling array of baby clothes on the market, are the mothers dazzling like me before? The clothes are worn by the baby every day, and mothers must want to give their children the most suitable and good ones. So, how should we choose baby's clothes?

The absolute key to choosing clothes for your baby is quality. From this moment on, you really can't buy clothes for your baby casually.

Teach you a few tips to get high-quality baby clothes:

(1) Natural fabrics, the best care

The baby's skin is naturally delicate and susceptible to various allergens, causing redness, swelling, itching and other unsuitable symptoms. In the growth process of the baby, underwear is the time when the baby is in the closest contact. Parents should pay special attention to the fabric material when purchasing.

Purchase TIPS:

Natural fabric. For example, 100% cotton, or cotton, linen, silk, bamboo fiber, grass coral and other natural fiber blended fabrics.

Light-colored fabric. Dark clothes are easy to fade, and the dye is easy to eat into the stomach when the baby bites on the clothes.

Choose clothes with printed patterns carefully. If the print has a certain thickness and feels a little sticky to the touch, it may be that a plasticizer-containing paint is used, and it is not recommended to buy it.

(2) Selection of functional fabrics

The fabrics of different materials are not only to meet the needs of the baby's growth, but also to let the baby feel a variety of skin-friendly fabrics, thereby promoting the baby's tactile development. With the advancement of science and technology, functional plant fibers are added to pure cotton clothing to make babies more comfortable.

If the baby's skin is particularly delicate and prone to allergies, it is recommended to choose natural organic cotton fabrics.

When the baby's skin is particularly dry, such as in autumn, it is recommended to use soft and skin-friendly clothing at this time. It is recommended to use skin-friendly and comfortable modal and milk silk fabrics.

During the season, the temperature is changeable and bacteria are easy to breed. Clothing made of antibacterial grass coral, IR micro-elements, and chitin fabrics is recommended.

In the dry winter, static electricity is an annoying thing, and babies are prone to discomfort due to static electricity. It is recommended to choose clothes made of modal and milk silk fabrics.

(3) Function refinement

Babies' underwear, clam suits (also called coveralls), are divided into clams, clams, and clams. Before the baby, I was a little silly and unclear, and I felt that they looked the same. Demystify again these seemingly the same, but actually different underwear.

(4) Look carefully at clothing trademarks

Many expectant mothers only pay attention to the brand and feel when choosing baby clothes, and the information on the label is easy to ignore. Usually, the label of qualified children's clothing should have information such as trademark, Chinese factory name, factory address, product name, implementation standard number, quality level, safety technology category, formaldehyde content, color fastness, composition, color and so on.

If there is no label, or the information on the label is too vague or confusing, it may be a low-quality product.

Generally speaking, clothing or articles marked with Class A/First Class are suitable for infants and young children.

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