The Production Principle of Knitted Jacquard Fabric

Summary:Today, the production principle of Rongli knitted jacquard fabric, interested friends, let's look down. The jacquard principle of jacquard, there are

Today, the production principle of Rongli knitted jacquard fabric, interested friends, let's look down.

The jacquard principle of jacquard, there are two differences in the production of jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric. One is that the jacquard does not use a brown frame, but uses a more complicated combination of faucet + harness + mesh board + brown silk; Jacquard pattern curtains are generally very long. If there are N wefts in a jacquard back position, N pattern boards must be equipped. There must be a special bracket to hang the pattern curtain. If the front and back are wrong, or the left and right sides are adjusted, the wrong pattern will be woven. It is also very troublesome to find the wrong pattern. The bracket of the hanging pattern curtain is usually arranged on the top of the loom together with the jacquard faucet.

A small jacquard pattern board generally has a maximum of 24 pits, which are used to control the lifting and weft selection of the brown frame. A large jacquard pattern board has thousands of pits, which correspond to the number of stitches of the jacquard machine faucet. The hole position is aligned with a pattern needle, and whether the hole position is punched is used to control whether the brown is lifted. A pattern hole controls the movement of several warp yarns. These warp yarns are one or several of each flower in the open cloth surface. The principle is that the warp yarns with the same movement track can be hung on a dragon hook through their respective harnesses. If the number of roots exceeds the load-bearing capacity of the dragon hook, you can consider several more hooks to share it. In many cases, one hook The number of harnesses hung on is the number of flowers in the whole cloth. Their information transmission process is pattern board --- pattern needle --- dragon hook --- through wire --- heald --- warp.

The advanced computerized jacquard faucet jacquard machine can save the trouble of making patterns and arranging a bunch of patterns to run. At the same time, the time from design to start-up is greatly shortened, and it is easy to modify, and the efficiency is greatly improved, but the equipment investment is much higher, often ten times or more than ordinary machines.

Jacquard fabrics are the same as general fabrics, only limited yarn count and density can be made, and not all fancy patterns can be lifted. Because it is jacquard, the warp yarns have many different weaving structures and may have different weaving tightness. , So that the warp tension unevenness occurs during the weaving process. If the tension unevenness is slight, it can be produced. The cloth surface has some unevenness or star jumps. If it is serious, it is impossible to weave, or the weaving efficiency is very low, and there are many defects. This requires full consideration of the feasibility of production when designing the jacquard process, which mainly depends on the organization of its flower and ground, the size of the jacquard part, and whether the flowers are evenly distributed on the cloth.

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