Do You Know The Application and Current Situation of Functional Fabrics?

Summary:Functional fabrics refer to fabrics with certain special properties and uses, such as waterproof, windproof, breathable, moisture-permeable, warm, oil

Functional fabrics refer to fabrics with certain special properties and uses, such as waterproof, windproof, breathable, moisture-permeable, warm, oil-proof, easy to decontaminate, anti-bacterial and deodorant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-block Combustion, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other functions. At present, the functional fabrics on the market are mainly clothing fabrics, which are mostly used in outdoor sportswear and high-end casual wear. Among the current new functional textile materials, polyester fiber is the most developed synthetic fiber.

At present, in the development of textile materials, the research on functional textile fibers is dominant in various countries in the world, and it clearly reflects the characteristics of market refinement. Functional textiles are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and many manufacturers have also devoted themselves to the development and production of various functional textiles.

The research and development of functional textiles has become an international trend and hot spot, and such technical textiles in Western countries have occupied the international high-end market.

The development trend of functional fabrics:

(1) Diversity

With the continuous development and application of functional knitted fabrics, several aspects of its characteristics have gradually attracted attention. The first is the diversification of yarn structure; the second is the diversification of the use of raw materials; the third is the humanization of functions; The fourth is the composite structure of the fabric. Therefore, in order to further improve the performance of knitted fabrics, the functions and advantages of various fibers need to be fully combined and brought into play to realize the diversification of fabric styles. At the same time, a comprehensive application of various patterns and textures, the first is jacquard; the second is transfer; the third is tuck; the fourth is terry; the fifth is padding; the sixth is quilting, etc., combined with leather, Weaving and knitting can realize various styles of knitted fabrics to meet the aesthetic needs of the public.

(2) Environmental protection

Environmental protection is strongly advocated in all fields around the world. Functional knitted fabrics are based on the protection of human health and need to firmly penetrate the concept of environmental protection. First of all, companies can spin some recycled materials into green fibers, and fully consider and organize their functionality. Secondly, comprehensively examine the possible side effects of the human body and the environment after using finishing additives, use to ensure the health and environmental protection of knitted fabrics, and promote the concept of cleaner production.

(3) comfort

The most important feature of knitted fabric products is comfort, and functional knitted fabrics not only have the most basic comfort, but also need to emphasize the softness of the fabric, health and safety, and heat and moisture.

(4) functionalization

With the development of functional knitted fabrics, it has achieved many fabric functions that were once impossible. The first is elasticity; the second is breathability; the third is health care; the fourth is antibacterial; the fifth is beauty; the sixth is warmth; The seventh is easy care and so on. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living materials, the functionality of functional knitted fabrics needs further development. At the same time, comprehensive testing and evaluation of the durability, safety, environmental protection and effectiveness of the fabric are carried out through formal functional testing methods and standard specifications.

Currently, functional fibers in developed countries are developing rapidly. Our country also keeps up with the pace of the world. For more fabric information, please continue to pay attention to us: mattress fabric manufacturers.

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