Why Do Latex Mattresses Fall Off?


The latex mattress market is huge, and it is loved by m […]

The latex mattress market is huge, and it is loved by many friends who pay attention to the quality of sleep. This kind of mattress is very comfortable and has helped many friends achieve deep sleep. It is indeed a good mattress. However, the disadvantage is that latex mattresses are easy to oxidize, causing the mattress to fall off, and the sleeping feeling of the mattress will also decrease, which is not conducive to the long-term use of latex mattresses. Now, let’s learn about the causes of latex mattress slag and how to maintain the mattress?

What are the reasons for the scum of latex mattresses used at home?

Inferior latex mattresses are those with too low natural latex content or synthetic latex mattresses, so their service life is relatively short, and they are very easy to oxidize during use, and yellowing and slag will appear after a short period of time.

Because the price of natural latex mattresses is relatively expensive, many users will inevitably have a greedy attitude when buying latex mattresses, and buy latex mattresses that are much lower than the market price. But this inferior mattress is very easy to damage. Improper use can easily cause the natural latex mattress to turn yellow and scum. The following are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using latex mattresses:

(1) Sun exposure will cause rapid oxidation of natural latex, which will eventually cause the mattress to turn yellow and scum. So don't take it out to dry when using a latex mattress.

(2) The direct exposure of the mattress to the air will cause the air to contact the latex, thereby accelerating the oxidation process of the latex mattress.

(3) Not protecting the mattress will also accelerate the oxidation process of the mattress. Generally, when using a latex mattress, many users will lay a dust bag. But it does not mean that the protective film of the mattress can be removed without tearing off.

What should I do if the latex mattress is oxidized? How to deal with the oxidized latex mattress? Many users do not understand these problems. Please continue to pay attention to us: mattress fabric manufacturer.

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