Which Fabric is More Suitable for Mattress?


Recently, many friends have raised questions about matt […]

Recently, many friends have raised questions about mattress fabric. Which is more suitable for mattresses? As a matter of fact, as mattress fabrics that directly contact skin, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics, especially those that are sensitive to skin.

Next, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a common fabric, knitted mattress fabric.

Knitted cotton is a fabric formed by bending yarns into loops and pressing them with needles. Generally speaking, it has good elasticity, hygroscopicity, comfort and warmth retention, and is the most widely used fabric in children's clothing. Knitted cotton also has many kinds. In the market, general knitted garment fabrics are divided into two types according to production methods: one is called transposition, and the other is called latitude.


In terms of fabric, it is woven fabric. Compared with other fabrics, knitted cotton has better elasticity, softer hand feeling and fabric. The pattern and variety are also very large, easy to clean and not easy to generate static electricity.


The only disadvantage of knitted cotton is that the fabric is easy to dye. In addition, although the elasticity of knitted cotton is very good, it is also easy to replace, so it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance.

As a mattress fabric, knitted cotton generally contains about 80% cotton. It is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, heat-dissipating, moisture-proof, relatively strong and wear-resistant. After being treated with infrared ray, it has strong antibacterial property. Therefore, most mattresses we use are basically made of this material.

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