Which Clothing Made of Fabrics is Suitable For Baby?


We all know that the fabrics of clothing include cotton […]

We all know that the fabrics of clothing include cotton, linen, fiber, woolen cloth, leather, blends and so on. Clothing choices are optimal for different age groups and different fabrics. The production of fabrics for adult clothing basically covers the use of all types of fabrics;

So what kind of fabrics are suitable for infants and young children who have just arrived in this world?

Choice of clothing fabrics for 0-1 year old babies:

The skin of 0-1 year old baby is very delicate, so the fabric should be soft and comfortable. From the point of view of physiological characteristics, babies are more likely to sweat, have unsound defecation functions, and are slower to adapt to the outside temperature. Therefore, the fabrics of intimate clothing such as baby climbing suits, jumpsuits, and pajamas not only require fast absorption of sweat. , But also resistant to washing and high warmth.

Therefore, the fabric of baby clothes at this stage is preferably cotton fabric. This kind of fabric feels soft, non-irritating, will not harm the baby's tender skin, and also meets the baby's growth requirements.

Choice of clothing fabrics for children aged 1-2:

Children aged 1-2 are more active, so the fabrics of their clothing should be comfortable and easy to move. In addition to cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics can also be used for fabrics. In autumn and winter, children's shirts, sweaters, jackets and other clothing that are in direct contact with the outside world pay more attention to elements such as dirt resistance and easy washing, and can choose velveteen, corduroy and other fabrics.

Today's manufacturers will also carry out special treatments on some ordinary fabrics, improve the weaving process, make the texture of the fabrics fine, soft and smooth, with better air permeability, and more suitable for the growth needs of babies; sometimes some smart fabrics are also used.

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