What You Need to Know about Mattress Care?


Mattress also has a life span, and its supporting power […]

Mattress also has a life span, and its supporting power and comfort level are not as good as before after 5-7 years. If you want to prolong your service life, you must take care of it when you buy it back home.

Don't fold the mattress when installing, the damage of the mattress's frame is permanent, and the plastic film on the surface must be torn off, so that it can breathe freely, keep dry and avoid dampness. You can cover it with a special mat or bed hat, so that it can be kept dry and clean for a long time.

When in use, do not place local pressure on the mattress surface, such as sitting on the edge of the mattress, standing on the mattress to bounce, etc., so as not to cause local depression and deformation of the mattress. It is suggested that the mattress should be aligned and turned over within 2-3 months so that the surface of the mattress can be stressed evenly.

It is also necessary to use vacuum cleaners to clean the surface of the mattress so as to remove dust in time before it is beautiful. If there are stains, use cloth dipped in medical alcohol to wipe, avoid by all means can't pour alcohol directly on the mattress.

When the sun is good, you can "sunbathe" the mattress, which can effectively prevent the generation of mold, but mattresses with latex fillers are not recommended to be exposed to the sun, and ventilation should be adopted.

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