What Should I Do If The Knitted Printed Grey Fabric Has Too Much Hair?


What should I do if there are too many hairs on knitted […]

What should I do if there are too many hairs on knitted fabrics and printed grey fabrics?

Knitted fabric printing is a headache because of the large number of grey fabrics. The main reason is that the pretreatment process of knitted fabric and woven fabric is different. Knitted fabric does not do singeing and mercerizing treatment. Cloth fabrics are relatively loose, and they are all processed in the overflowing cylinder. The fabric processed by the cylinder is easy to fuzz. After treatment, it generally has more hairs than woven fabrics, and it is easy to jam when printing.


1. The warehouse must strengthen the inspection of customers' grey fabrics. For knitted fabrics of poor quality, the warehouse must notify the customers in time, communicate with them to explain the reason, and agree on the treatment method;

2. Notice that the pre-treatment should be paid attention to, and corresponding measures should be taken to adjust the process in time and increase the number of washings to minimize the hairs;

3. When the semi-finished product is shaped, increase the water flow in the rolling groove and let the flowing water wash away a part of the hair; 4. Wash the knitted fabric with a lot of hair with a washing machine again;

Five, try to choose a machine with a vacuum cleaner and put a few sticky nets on the printing machine table, which can stick part of the hair.

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