What Kind of Pillowcase is The Most Comfortable?


What kind of pillowcase is the most comfortable? What a […]

What kind of pillowcase is the most comfortable? What are the classifications of pillowcases?

The main materials of pillow cases are cotton, cotton polyester and man-made fibers. The most comfortable material is pure cotton fabric, which has good breathability and moisture absorption, and does not irritate the skin. Silk pillowcases are also called silk pillowcases. Silk has many reputations such as fiber queen and soft gold. More than 97% of its tissue composition is animal protein, which is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. It is said to clean and maintain the skin and increase the vitality of skin cells. Especially effective for sensitive skin, delicate skin of infants and young children, and skin of the elderly.

In order to prevent the silk from slippery and ensure the elasticity of the pillow, high-elastic cloud silk is also added. With its unique properties of breathability, moisture permeability, slippery, and close-fitting, it will give you a refreshing cool and silky natural super feeling and full elasticity, durable and long-lasting. There are also embroidered needles (silk, velvet, thread), needles are pierced on the fabric (silk, cloth) according to the designed pattern, and the pattern or text is formed by embroidery, which is made into a pillowcase with a unique style. Art appreciation.

There are three basic styles of modern pillowcases: the ordinary one-piece bag type, the Oxford type (equipped with flat edges) and the embellishment type.

Pillow cases are one of the important components of modern pillows. The outer cover of the pillow core protects the pillow core, keeps the pillow core clean or increases the aesthetics.

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