What Are The Special Features of Mattress Fabrics?


People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. This senten […]

People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. This sentence is not an exaggeration when used on mattresses. The mattress fabric is the clothes of the mattress, but for the mattress, it is not enough to look at the appearance of the fabric. It is also necessary to examine whether the mattress fabric meets the needs, whether it is scientific, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

Regarding the fabric layer of the mattress, let's take a look...

A mattress consists of three layers: a fabric layer, a filling layer, and a support layer. The fabric layer is the outermost layer of the mattress. Most people feel that the mattress is not in direct contact with the skin, and the effect of the fabric is ignored. People emit about 250ml of sweat every day during sleep. Even with a 3cm blanket, most of this sweat will be absorbed by the mattress. If the mattress fabric is not moisture-absorbing and breathable, bacteria and mites are likely to breed.

So, what are the characteristics of mattress fabrics?

General mattress fabrics will use chemical fiber fabrics, knitted fabrics, and cashmere fabrics.

1. The price of chemical fiber fabric is low and the air permeability is average.

2. Knitted fabric is the most common fabric in mattresses. It is also a kind of mattress fabric with relatively high cost performance. It has good elasticity, moisture absorption and breathability.

3. Cashmere fabric is basically used for high-end mattresses.

Generally, knitted fabrics are sufficient for household mattresses. Learn about specific product information. Welcome to contact us: knitted fabric factory.

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