What Are The Items For Fabric Testing?


What are the items for mattre fabric testing? 1. Physic […]

What are the items for mattre fabric testing?

1. Physical indicators:

Physical indicators include the appearance quality inspection of fabrics, including specifications, defects, color difference, weft skew, etc., as well as

Fabric strength, gram weight, color difference, color fastness, flame retardancy, appearance after washing, shrinkage after washing, pilling, etc.

2. Chemical indicators:

Chemical indicators mainly include formaldehyde content, pH value, odor, whether it contains banned dyes (azo dyes that can crack aromatic amines), whether it contains heavy metals, whether it contains fluorescence, whether it contains APEONPEOPFOS and other banned surfactants, etc.

3. Taking performance:

The properties of the fabric include touch, smoothness, bulkiness and softness of the fabric, etc., which need to be tested by a professional fabric testing agency.

The purpose of fabric testing:

The purpose of fabric testing is to evaluate the quality of the fabric, analyze and study the composition and properties of the fabric from the purpose of the fabric, so as to determine the value of the fabric and determine whether it meets the specified standards.

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