What Are The Advantages of Knitted Mattresses?


Today we will introduce the advantages of knitted mattr […]

Today we will introduce the advantages of knitted mattresses:

1. Ergonomics: It is designed by orthopedics experts according to the principles of human spine engineering and conforms to the human body curve. With her, you will have the most ergonomic and natural ecological top sleep system in the world today.

2. Green and environmental protection: 100% knitted and refined, without harmful substances, it is a product of nature's ingenious workmanship, can be degraded naturally, is a pure natural green ecological product, and meets the requirements of natural low-carbon environmental protection.

3. Quality assurance: The product has passed the international SGS testing and certification, the domestic microbiological analysis and testing center testing and certification, the knitted product liability insurance has been underwritten by Tianan Insurance Co., Ltd., and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

4. Anti-mite, anti-bacterial, dust-proof, anti-mould, no static electricity, anti-allergic: knitted protein can effectively inhibit the latent germs and allergens, inhibit the breeding of mites, dust-proof, anti-mildew and no static electricity, most suitable for asthma and allergies Friends of rhinitis have a certain preventive effect on skin allergies and bronchitis.

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