What are The Advantages of 3D Mattresses?


There are many types of functional fabric. Today we wil […]

There are many types of functional fabric. Today we will briefly talk about 3D mattresses.

The 1.3D mattress middle connecting wire is a 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament with super high-quality support. Each bed (1.8 * 2m) supports up to 4 million support points.

According to the pressure of the unit area of ​​the human body, the mattress provides support for the weight-bearing parts. When the human body is lying on the 3D mattress, the weight release feeling is obvious, and the softness and hardness are moderate, which makes the human body in a very relaxed state.

2. Double-sided mesh fabric and intermediate connecting wire. Double-sided mesh fabric determines the incomparable breathability of traditional materials. 100% polyester material, non-toxic and odorless, and decomposable. Not susceptible to moisture, fungus and mildew.

3. The only mattress that can be washed all over the body, easy to clean and take care of.

4. High-end consumer groups who are accustomed to soft or hard or moderately hard sleep especially recommend full 3D mattresses, a mattress for a lifetime in a real sense. The conventional height is about 20cm, and the conventional terminal price on the market is about 30,000, and the retail price of the brand after discount is about 60,000.

5. Second best, 3D material + independent pocket spring, is another kind of sleep feeling. The price of mattresses in this configuration is relatively affordable.

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