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How to distinguish between bedclothes, sheets, mattress […]

How to distinguish between bedclothes, sheets, mattresses, bedspreads and bed skirts?

1. Bed Sheet

The bed sheet, which covers the entire mattress, is equivalent to the protective shell of a mobile phone. Its main function is to prevent dust and protect the mattress itself. At present, most of the mainstream bed covers are almost all-inclusive, and the back of the mattress is generally not wrapped or wrapped with a film. Such a bed cover can ensure the air permeability of the mattress itself.

2. Sheets

The bed sheet is a layer of cloth on the mattress, the purpose is to make sleeping more comfortable and protect the mattress.

3. Mattress

Mattress, cushion The layer of cushion on the mattress is equivalent to a flat mini mattress. Generally, some people don’t like the soft and hard comfort of the original mattress. You can buy a mattress for yourself, or the mattress has been used for a long time. You can also put a pad on it, and if you buy a very hard one with full coconut palm, but you want to sleep softer later, you can also use the mattress directly.

4. Bed Cover

The bedspread, as the name implies, covers the bed. If you go to a beauty salon, you can usually see that their beds will be covered with bedspreads. Some people in the family will use them. You can simply understand that the bedspread covers the mattress and the bed.

5. Bed Skirt

I didn't want to introduce this, but too many people have asked. The bed skirt is actually a part of the bed cover. You can see the two pictures above. The bed skirt is the skirt part of the bed cover, which is called the bed skirt. Of course, there is another kind of independent, that is, the cushion under the mattress only covers the bed part. The purpose is to make the bed look more beautiful. Nowadays, it is used less.

Summary of the difference between bed sheet, bed sheet, mattress, bedspread and bed skirt:

The above has already summed up the differences between bedclothes, sheets, mattresses, bedspreads, and bed skirts very clearly. After reading it, you will know how they are different. In general, if there are better mattresses, many of them have cashmere or other materials on the surface that can directly contact the human body, that is, you can directly lie on them to sleep, and the outer layer can also be taken off and washed, and it is almost unnecessary to use the top ones. Now that you have something, you can learn about the product by yourself before you buy it.

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