Three Key Points to Distinguish Inferior Latex Mattresses


Today Rongli takes everyone to talk about the relevant […]

Today Rongli takes everyone to talk about the relevant attention when buying latex mattresses.

1. Identify genuine and fake latex mattresses

Latex mattresses have many excellent properties, so more mixed wool latex is sold as high-quality latex mattresses on the market. Consumers can choose latex mattresses to grasp the three main points of eliminating inferior latex mattresses.

(1) Smell, high-quality latex mattresses are made of natural latex through a foaming process. Latex mattresses have a light creamy fragrance, while industrial synthetic latexes contain strong chemical fragrances. Unhealthy businesses will add some fragrances to cover this foul smell.

(2) Touch the mattress. The surface of the high-quality latex mattress is fine and smooth, which is the same as the baby's skin, but on the contrary, it feels rough and the color is dim. (Mattress fabric wholesale porcelain)

(3) Looking at the pores, the foaming process of high-quality latex mattresses is high-end, and the naturally formed vents have different sizes (except for foamed and molded latex mattresses). This latex mattress is generally very beautiful. The pores are even. The lower latex mattress was polished by manual treatment, and the edges of the holes were rough and visible to the naked eye.

2. Determine the latex mattress

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for sleep quality, the design of latex mattresses has also been greatly improved. Through the separation, the mattress is fully supported on all parts of the human body. General partitioned mattresses are: three zones, five zones, seven zones, nine zones and all zones.

The most common are mainly five-zone and seven-zone mattresses. It is very simple to distinguish between separate mattresses. At a glance, it is known that the partition wall mattress is designed with different densities of natural latex to adjust the softness and hardness of the mattress. The wave design massages the human body for better comfort. The five-zone design is only suitable for reasonable support of the human head, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, etc. The seven-zone mattress ensures the comfort of the back waist, so that the spine is naturally soothed and straightened, based on the five zones. Add two ankle zones.

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