The Styles of Knitted Jacquard Fabrics Are Very Diverse


Introduce the advantages of pure cotton knitted fabric: […]

Introduce the advantages of pure cotton knitted fabric:

1. Good hygroscopicity and moisture retention

The advantage of pure cotton knitted fabric is that the cotton fiber contained in it has better hygroscopicity and can absorb water in the surrounding environment under normal circumstances, with a water content of 8-10%, making people feel comfortable and soft when contacting pure cotton products.

2. Good heat resistance

Pure cotton knitted fabrics have good heat resistance. Even in the environment of 100°C, cotton itself will not bring much influence, only water can evaporate. In other words, when we use pure cotton products in our daily life, we can print, dye and clean them at will, and the styles of knitted jacquard fabrics are also very diverse.

3. Good alkali resistance

Another advantage of pure cotton knitted fabrics is good alkali resistance. In alkali solution, fibers will not be damaged and resistance is high. The upper part of the large layer is convenient for people to wash and disinfect clothes, and is also beneficial to processing pure cotton knitted fabrics by various processes to produce colorful clothing styles and new cotton woven varieties.

4. Good thermal effect

Just like when we are in winter, most families are suitable for bed. The four pieces are made of pure cotton, which is highly recognized by people. This is enough to see the heat preservation effect of pure cotton knitted fabrics.

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