The Secret Must Be Said Between Mattress and Sleep


Sleep is very important to us, good sleep can make peop […]

Sleep is very important to us, good sleep can make people look very energetic. For children, it can also promote physical development! Therefore, the prerequisite for a good sleep is to have a good mattress. What is the secret of a good mattress and sleep?

1. The new mattress can eliminate pressure

According to a survey, the new mattress can reduce the pressure on people and reduce physical discomfort, thus promoting deep sleep.

2. Mattress becomes allergen

This mainly refers to dust mites. Dust mites can only be observed with a microscope. They mainly feed on human dandruff, so they reproduce faster in bed. Dust mites are important allergens causing allergic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. About 2 million people in China are allergic to dust mites every day. Mattress protector is cleaned regularly with hot water to remove dust mites.

3. The hardness of the mattress varies from person to person.

There is no uniform standard for mattresses that are too hard or too soft. On the same mattress, a 70kg person may think it is softer, but it may be too difficult for a 40kg person. Hard mattresses and soft mattresses will make you sleep uncomfortable all night and affect your sleep quality.

4. Decisively replace the damaged mattress

Damaged mattress pads or spring problems indicate a new mattress, but this is not the only reason to replace the mattress. According to a foreign report, when you find that you did not sleep well before, you should consider changing the mattress, especially if you find it more comfortable to sleep in someone else's home than at home.

5. Don't play mobile phone in bed, want to go to work.

The bedroom should be a place to sleep and relax. If you are still considering work, you will find it difficult to sleep. Similarly, do not play with electronic devices such as cell phones after sleeping. Blue light emitted by electronic devices will interfere with the brain's natural sleep mechanism, making people feel very awake and affecting sleep.

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