The Development Trend of Graphene Fabrics


Graphene fabric is a fabric produced by mixing graphene […]

Graphene fabric is a fabric produced by mixing graphene fibers and ordinary fibers. The fabric has the functions of graphene's far-infrared, antistatic, antibacterial and mites removal. There are knitted graphene fabrics, pongee graphene fabrics, nylon graphene fabrics, polyester taffeta graphene fabrics, Oxford graphene fabrics, etc. on the market.

Functional fabric classification

In addition to the functions of fibers, fabrics, and clothing, products that also have some special functions are divided into three categories according to their uses:

1. Health care functions: Functionality that has beneficial effects or potential beneficial effects on human health. Focus on health care.

2. Protective function: The protective function of textiles that may cause harm or potential harm to the human body, focusing on protection.

3. Taking function category: Based on the traditional taking function of textiles, improving and increasing the taking function of the product. Including the improvement of comfort, aesthetics and easy care, etc., it focuses on the improvement of traditional wearing performance.

The market development potential of functional textiles refers to the fact that fabrics and textiles have their own basic use value, but also have anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mold and anti-mosquito, anti-virus and flame-retardant, anti-wrinkle and non-iron, water and oil repellent, and magnetic therapy. Infrared physiotherapy, fragrance and negative ion health care can be used in all aspects of industry and life in one or part of this series.

Rongli graphite fabric has many functions such as antibacterial, antibacterial, low-temperature far-infrared, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet and anti-radiation, conduction and cooling, and has been successfully used in home textiles, clothing and other fields.

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