Teach You A Few Tricks to Easily Get The Mattress Ticking Stains


Occasionally, I may accidentally get the mattress ticki […]

Occasionally, I may accidentally get the mattress ticking dirty, are there many people who will not be able to start? So quickly learn the following tips:

How to eliminate blood stains?

1 Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. When the hydrogen peroxide foams, wipe it dry with a clean white dry cloth. This may not completely remove blood stains, but it can ease the marks.

2 Wash the mattress ticking with cold water (hot water will boil the protein in the blood), wipe the blood stains with a meat tenderizer that can remove protein, and then rinse with water.

How to eliminate mildew?

1.The same as the method of removing blood stains, it is best to do part of the entire mattress ticking.

2.Clean sheets and other bedding frequently to prevent the formation of stubborn odors.

The method of removing mold: "sunbathing", the formation of mold is mainly due to excessive moisture. Find a sunny day, put the mattress ticking outside to dry, and then wipe off the remaining mold spots.

How to remove urine?

1.First, dry the remaining urine as much as possible.

2.Use a cleanser that is specially designed to remove urine stains, spray on the stains and dry.

3.After drying, sprinkle baking soda powder on the spots. After a night, absorb it with a vacuum cleaner.

Mattress ticking will inevitably encounter this kind of unexpected situation. I believe that after reading the above, you will not be in a hurry. For more product information, please click here: mattress protector.

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