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Since 1986, the excellent function of coolmax fabric ha […]

Since 1986, the excellent function of coolmax fabric has been assisting top athletes to improve their performance.

Sports lovers pursue coolness, softness and excellent functions. Coolmax fabric is their firm and wise choice, which can make people feel comfortable and ventilated for a long time, warm in winter and cool in summer, and feel more relaxed.

Let's talk about the characteristics of some coolmax fabrics in detail:

1. Breathing function

The excellent function of coolmax fabric comes from its own structure. With this specially designed fiber, designers can produce soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking high-quality fabrics.

2. Easy nursing

Clothing made of coolmax fabric is suitable for machine washing and drying, however, fabric softener or chlorine bleach should not be used during washing. Some of these garments may require special care due to their style (not fabric).

3. Energy conservation

COOLMAX fabric dries quickly to help you reduce the use of dryers. Just hang up the wet clothes and dry them soon. Its speed is fast enough to satisfy travelers!

4. All-weather comfort

When the weather is cold, especially during aerobic exercise, the coolmax fabric of Avida provides the ideal first lining. The fabric can take away the wet and cold sweat on the skin surface and discharge it to the outer layer of the fabric to evaporate. You keep warm while keeping your body dry.

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