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The post-90s generation has become the generation with […]

The post-90s generation has become the generation with the most sleep deprivation and the worst sleep in China.

The 2019 China Sleep Index Report shows that more than 50 million people stay up late every day in China, more than a third of them do not fall asleep until 1 am, and those who sleep the least sleep only four hours a day.

"A lot of things haven't been finished and I don't know what to do, so I'm very upset and can't sleep."

"The next day there was something very important, but I didn't know what the result would be. I lay in bed with a movie in my head, tossing and turning until dawn."

"I was busy all day during the day and had a hard time at night. I didn't want to sleep even if I was too sleepy. I was actually reluctant to sleep. I felt that I was losing sleep."

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