Mattress Selection Skills Introduction


There are so many kinds of mattress ticking in the mark […]

There are so many kinds of mattress ticking in the market, today we will talk about how to choose mattress fabric?

1. Look at:

Look when choosing a mattress. The appearance of the mattress is our first choice. The color should be suitable for our needs. In particular, we should pay attention to whether the edges are straight, whether the joints are neat, whether the surface is smooth, and whether the contact with the fabric is neat.

2. Touch

That is to feel it with your hands or certain parts of your body. Good fabrics make people feel good. The easiest way is to feel good. It is best to try to sleep, and you can feel whether the filling is flat.

3. Press

This is one of the effective ways to judge whether the spring is rusty. If you press down forcefully on a certain part of the mattress and your hand feels a slight noise, don’t choose this kind of mattress because the spring is rusty and the spring is unhealthy. There are many reasons for the rust, usually because the bed nets are left for too long before they are packaged into a mattress or their quality is not good. But this does not affect the life of the mattress, but it affects the quality of life, which is quite important.

4. Ask

Ask more about whether it contains ridge protection, whether the bed net structure inside a mattress is reasonable, how to control the softness and hardness, and the production situation. A good mattress is not only good-looking, but the key is The internal structure is reasonable and the soft and hard partitions are clear.

5. Smell

Smell the mattress for any peculiar smell, especially some mattresses with higher chemical composition of fillers, the quality is not good, and some even use rusty bed nets sprayed with some anti-rust oil, so once the mattress is produced You will smell peculiar smell. Most of these mattresses are of poor quality, so please do not choose.

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