Looking For Comfortable And Safe Mattress Fabrics


With the improvement of people's living standards, peop […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher. A good sleep requires a Simmons, so people are paying great attention to spring mattress fabrics. On TV, we often see various problems such as allergies if the spring mattress fabric is not good, causing many people to become cautious when choosing mattresses. So what spring mattress fabric is good and will not cause harm to the body. ? Here are some tips for you:

The spring mattress fabric must have a certain texture and thickness. The industry standard stipulates that the spring mattress fabric has a weight of 60 grams per square meter; the printing and dyeing pattern of the spring mattress fabric is even; the sewing needle thread of the spring mattress fabric should not be broken or skipped. Defects such as needles and floating threads.

The inner quality of the spring mattress is very important for use. When choosing, check whether the surrounding edges of the mattress are straight and flat; whether the cushion surface is full and well-proportioned, and the fabric has no slack feeling; press the cushion surface 2-3 times with bare hands. The hand feels moderately soft and hard, and has a certain degree of resilience. If there is a depression or unevenness, it means that the quality of the spring steel wire of the mattress is poor, and there should be no spring friction sound in the hand feeling; if the edge of the mattress is If there is a mesh opening or a stretching device, open it and check whether the internal spring is rusty; whether the bedding material of the mattress is clean and odorless. The bedding material generally uses hemp felt, brown flakes, chemical fiber (cotton) felt, etc., and waste is not allowed Recycled materials, or felts made from bamboo shoot shells, straw, rattan silk, etc., are used as mattress pads. The use of these pads will affect physical and mental health and service life.

Nowadays, there is a mixture of fish and dragons in the market, and everyone must keep their eyes open when choosing, and try to choose products from regular manufacturers. For example, our Rongli mattress fabric has been treated with silver, which has antibacterial effect, can relieve skin discomfort, has a constant body temperature effect, is comfortable in all seasons, and is safe and secure. For more product information, please pay attention to us, we are a professional mattress fabric manufacturer.

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