Is Your Mattress Comfortable?


The emergence of sleep problems depends not only on exc […]

The emergence of sleep problems depends not only on excessive stress in life, but also on sleeping in the bedroom. And for girls, insomnia and less sleep at night can cause poor skin tone, poor complexion, and dull skin. Beauty comes out of sleep, does not pay attention to the quality of sleep, no matter how good skin care products can not make up for poor sleep.

So which bedding is related to sleep? Dangdang Dangdang, which is closely related to the mattress.

It is very necessary to choose a healthy and comfortable mattress. What kind of mattress is healthy?

Whether a mattress is healthy or not depends on the following points:

1. High-quality fabrics

In terms of fabric selection, Gold Coast mattresses are made of natural materials that are green, healthy, breathable and comfortable, anti-mite, anti-mite, and fireproof. Comfortable skin-friendly fabrics create a sense of relaxation and help to quickly enter sleep.

2. Health

The mattress is often touched by the human body and is also an item that has been in contact for a long time. Therefore, the health and environmental protection of the mattress is often closely related to the health of the body.

3. Ergonomics

The waist and buttocks of the human body account for 68% of the body weight. The spine of our body is a soft S-shape, the shoulders and buttocks are two focus points, and the waist is in a suspended state. The Gold Coast mattress can provide you with accurate spine support, ensure that the body weight is reasonably dispersed, adjust the appropriate support, and resolve the pressure damage, effectively promote the blood circulation of the human body, the spine sleep is more natural, more relaxed, and healthier , To create a non-stressed sleep environment, allowing you to sleep more peacefully and sweetly.

I do n’t know if your mattress has the characteristics of the above points. If you need to buy a mattress, you can also refer to the previous points to choose a mattress that can make you sleep comfortably and sleep peacefully. Stay with you all night.

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