Is it Necessary To Buy A Crib Mattress?


The baby is the future of a family, so parents will wor […]

The baby is the future of a family, so parents will worry about their baby, whether it is life or the future of work. There is no need to buy a mattress for a baby crib. It is enough for many novice parents to worry about. Let me talk about the benefits of baby mattress fabric. Everyone will know if it is necessary to buy it.

1. Safety and environmental protection

The baby’s resistance is poor, and the baby mattress is the place where the baby spends the most time. Therefore, compared with the ordinary mattress, the baby mattress has higher safety requirements. In order to protect the health and safety of the child, the material and surface of the mattress To ensure 100% environmental protection and safety for cloth, it is best to use absolutely environmentally friendly natural milk materials inside.

2. Appropriate hardness

The baby mattress should fit the baby's body shape, effectively support the baby's body, prevent the baby's spine from deforming, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and help the baby's healthy development. It is very convenient to identify whether the mattress is soft and suitable. Let a baby weighing about 3kg sleep on the mattress. If the depression of the mattress is about 1cm, this softness is suitable.

3. Reduce baby head deformation

To protect the baby's soft and unshaped skull, the baby mattress has the function of preventing the baby's head from being compressed to the cranial nerve endings, reducing the pressure on the baby's head, allowing the baby's head to move easily and freely, and preventing head shape deviation and flattening.

Through these points, do you think it is necessary to buy a crib mattress? For more product-related knowledge, please contact us: Latex pillowcase fabric.

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