Is Coolmax Fabric The Same As Polyester?


Coolmax fabric belongs to a kind of exclusive sportswea […]

Coolmax fabric belongs to a kind of exclusive sportswear developed by DuPont. This fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber, and the fabric structure has four tubes of fibers, so the overall comfort, breathability and perspiration of the fabric are excellent. Because of this performance, coolmax fabric is widely used in top athletes' clothing. For example, most NBA athletes use coolmax fabric to weave clothes.

Through the analysis of Xiaobian, I believe it is not difficult for everyone to find that coolmax fabric is actually an exclusive sportswear, which can not only be used on top athletes, but also be a good choice for friends in field exploration when choosing travel equipment.

Having said coolmax fabric, the following small series will introduce polyester fabric.

Literally speaking, polyester fabric is translated as polyester fiber, that is, polyester fiber. And we also said that coolmax fabric is a kind of polyester fabric, so the raw material of coolmax fabric is polyester fiber.

Speaking of which, I believe everyone already knows the difference between coolmax fabric and polyester fabric.

Polyester fabric is our common ordinary polyester fiber fabric, while coolmax fabric is a functional polyester fabric developed by DuPont Company. Compared with coolmax fabric, ordinary polyester fiber fabric is much worse than coolmax fabric in air permeability and moisture control. Of course, ordinary polyester fiber fabric is much heavier than coolmax fabric in wearing heavy feeling, which is more obvious in sports fields.

The above is the little knowledge about coolmax fabrics prepared by Xiaobian for everyone. I wonder if everyone will have a better understanding of coolmax fabrics in the future.

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