Introduction to The Development of Functional Sportswear


Moisture conduction is one of the most important functi […]

Moisture conduction is one of the most important functions of knitted functional sportswear. Especially in sports and outdoor sports, the heat conduction and perspiration function of knitted sportswear for sports and leisure is the first condition for customers to choose. The structure of this fabric is divided into three levels:

One layer is used to transmit damp heat; The first layer serves as an isolation function, and although the selected material has good moisture absorption effect, the material consumption is small, and the upper body feels very comfortable; The main function of the last layer is to resist corrosion and weather, and the selected materials have high-quality respiratory performance. At the same time, the multifunctional sports knitted fabric with heat and perspiration has many advantages such as quick drying, wrinkle resistance, ultraviolet resistance and high strength.

At present, there are numerous new sports fabrics with thermal insulation performance in the market, among which Toyo Textile Co., Ltd. of Japan is the most outstanding one. Its fabrics are composed of special composite yarns and have a three-layer structure, in which 6D polyester filaments are applied to the central part, 0.7D monofilament polyester staple fibers are applied to the middle layer, and profiled cross-section polyester filaments are used as the outer layer structure of the fabrics. At the same time, based on the difference of shrinkage of each layer of fiber in the composite yarn, after special treatment, voids will be obviously generated, and then the effect of keeping warm will be realized.

In outdoor or during sports, once the human body is sweating, based on the capillary status of fiber gap, the sweat can be quickly transferred and diffused, and the heat can be eliminated in the fastest time. When the exercise stops sweating, the air layer between the fibers becomes a static state and has a corresponding heat preservation effect, thus avoiding the health impact caused by the rapid drop of human body temperature. In a word, the development of this functional knitted sportswear has the functions of ventilation and warmth preservation, and is the most basic equipment for outdoor athletes and sportsmen.

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