Inappropriate Choice of Baby Mattress will Affect Health


The hardness of the mattress varies from person to pers […]

The hardness of the mattress varies from person to person. "Sleep hard bed, hard mattress" has always been considered a good habit for people to protect their backs and health. In particular, infants and young children in the growth and development stage, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, will cause bone dysplasia, and may even leave the hidden danger of "scoliosis".

When choosing a baby mattress for a child, two factors should be considered. The first is softness.

The ideal mattress for babies and teenagers should consist of a soft top layer and a strong elastic middle layer. On the one hand, the uneven pressure caused by the curve of the body can be compensated by the soft surface layer, and the child's body can be lifted in two ways without causing spinal deformities. On the other hand, the middle layer can give children strong support.

As scoliosis increases, the child's chest will also deform, resulting in a reduction in chest volume, causing a series of cardiopulmonary discomfort. If not treated in time and effectively, they will affect their cardiopulmonary function.

Babies and toddlers should not sleep too hard, especially from birth to the age of 3 years. Children in this period spend most of their time in bed. If the mattress is too hard, it may cause the child to touch the mattress. If the bones of the head, back, and hips are deformed, it may cause scoliosis in the baby. The direct injury of the scoliosis to the child is to make the body abnormal and damage its straight lines and straight line images.

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