How Much Do You Know about Coolmax Fabric?


What fabric is Coolmax fabric? Coolmax fabric is a kind […]

What fabric is Coolmax fabric?

Coolmax fabric is a kind of Polyester, a high-tech moisture-absorbing and breathable polyester fiber developed by DuPont. It has strong breathability and good moisture control, thereby enhancing the comfort of the wearer.

‍The advantages of Coolmax fabric

1. Cool-dry-comfortable-breathable-non-sticky-soft-will not leave sweat or mold-no deformation, no shrinkage-machine washable and spin-drying CoolMaX provides permanent superior moisture treatment

2. The advantage of oolMaX moisture treatment is that it can remove moisture, while cotton just absorbs moisture

Disadvantages of Coolmax fabric

1. The overall fabric will be slightly lighter and thinner than ordinary Polyester.

2. It is a long-fiber product (low pilling characteristics). You should remember the first generation of "Xin Yi" in 1999, which was terrible after wearing it.

Is 100% nylon a Coolmax fabric?

Nylon and polyester. Acrylic are both chemical fibers. Coolmax is a kind of moisture wicking fiber, which is a change to the cross-section of ordinary fiber. The cross-section of ordinary fiber is generally round or triangular, and the cross-section of this coolmax fiber is cross-shaped and other shapes. The purpose is to make polyester nylon The original shortcomings of chemical fibers that were poor in moisture absorption have been improved, and they have become fibers that have good moisture absorption and perspiration.

Should Coolmax fabrics be divided into front and back?

Generally not, only the wrong direction of latitude and longitude is wrong when cutting, and wrong things happen very rarely.

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