Graphene is Increasingly Widely Used in Textile Industry


Graphene fabric has become a new material attracting wo […]

Graphene fabric has become a new material attracting worldwide attention since professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, physicists from Manchester University, UK, won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010.

In recent years, graphene has been widely used in textile industry. Preparation of high-performance textile fibers from graphene and functional finishing of textiles have also gradually become hot research topics in the industry.

Graphene fibers have special functions such as antibacterial, acarid-resistant, heat-resistant, cutting-resistant, antistatic, ultraviolet-resistant, far infrared heating and conduction cooling, and can be widely applied to fabrics, garments, home textiles, knitting and other textiles.

The light applications of graphene are civilian-oriented, can quickly realize product conversion and can bring higher cost performance to consumers, such as heating and filtering of graphene. It is worth mentioning that graphene has been applied to textile industry by some enterprises.

Graphene has excellent antibacterial property and low temperature far infrared function. The antibacterial fabric can be prepared by finishing graphene on the fabric. Compared with traditional inorganic and organic antibacterial agents, graphene has no cytotoxicity basically, is more suitable for direct contact with human skin, and has skin-friendly and skin-nourishing effects.

Professor Bai Yongxiao of Lanzhou University said that graphene fabric refers to a textile product with one or more unique properties of graphene while maintaining the basic properties of textiles by effectively combining graphene materials with ordinary textiles. Graphene textiles have great application prospects in conductive, radiation-proof, ultraviolet-proof, antibacterial, special protection and smart fabrics.

At present, some home textile enterprises have begun to apply graphene industrially, and have successfully manufactured graphene health products with various functions such as ultra-strong low-temperature far infrared, antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions, which play a vital role in improving microcirculation and promoting metabolism.

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