Graphene Fabric is A Popular New Fabric


Graphene fabric can also be used in medical protection, […]

Graphene fabric can also be used in medical protection, special military applications, etc.

Graphene fabric is a new type of fabric that has emerged on the market in recent years. It has many characteristics such as low-temperature far-infrared heating, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-static, and high thermal conductivity. It has better warmth retention than cotton, wool, camel hair and other fabrics.

Graphene was discovered by Professor Konstantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester, and he won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Graphene has strong polymerizability. It is the biggest difficulty encountered in research and development to effectively combine graphene with ordinary textile materials to ensure that the functions of graphene can be evenly exerted on yarns and fabrics.

Graphene fabric has a strong thermal insulation function. In a cold outdoor environment, graphene heating clothing can heat up to more than 30°C in tens of seconds. At present, the added value of graphene-containing textile products has increased by more than 10 times. Graphene fabrics are not only used in general wear, but also in medical protection, special military applications and other fields.

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