Graphene Fabric Has Broad Market Prospects


With the progress of the times, people wear clothes tha […]

With the progress of the times, people wear clothes that are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also pay more attention to some clothes with special functions.

For example, sportswear with good ventilation and perspiration, fireproof clothing made of special fireproof materials, antistatic clothing, antibacterial and deodorant clothing, anti-mite clothing, etc. Clothing with different functions adapts to different needs in this rapidly developing social situation.

In terms of functional requirements, antistatic, anti-wrinkle and antibacterial functional fabrics rank in the top three. However, there is no textile material that can combine these various functions to the greatest extent. Graphene textiles have multifunctional characteristics such as low-temperature far infrared, moisture absorption and ventilation, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, antistatic and anti-electromagnetic, anti-ultraviolet, self-heating and so on, which are of great significance and market value to enhance the innovation ability of textile industry and promote the development of high value-added products.

Graphene fabric functions include the following:

1, low temperature far infrared performance

2. Antistatic and Electromagnetic Performance

3. Antibacterial and bacteriostatic performance

4, anti-ultraviolet performance

5. Moisture Absorption and Permeability

6. Flexibility Performance

7. Graphene Self-heating

In the future, functional clothing will be a huge market covering billions of people and millions of application products. However, the market prospect of multifunctional fabrics is broad. When you are still struggling with which functionality you need most, graphene functional clothing integrates science and technology with graphene field, widens the application field of new textile materials, and realizes the perfect combination of various functionalities.


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