Determine The Specific Configuration of The Mattress According to Different Sleeping Needs


Regardless of the strength of various brands of mattres […]

Regardless of the strength of various brands of mattress, the choice of mattresses needs to determine what height range the bed supports. Then there is the physical and psychological tendency towards a hard sleep or a soft or moderate soft sleep to match the actual needs.

First, mattress hardness analysis

The core of a mattress is to determine the specific configuration of the mattress based on the user's own needs for soft and hard sleep and the user's needs for sleep under the premise of the same material and technology, regardless of the hardness and breadth of the mattress brands, so as to match the user's body demands.

Second, sleep height analysis. What height mattress is your bed?

The overall height of the bed+mattress is between 47cm and 55cm, which is in line with the scientific sleep height of domestic consumers. Or according to the height of the user, the overall height of the bed+mattress is equal to or less than 3cm higher than the knee, thus the overall height of such a bed body is relatively scientific.

Third, about the defects of the box bed with storage function. It is suggested to arrange skeleton beds and high and low beds for children.

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