Daily Maintenance of Natural Latex Mattress


Daily maintenance knowledge of latex mattress. 1. Befor […]

Daily maintenance knowledge of latex mattress.

1. Before use, remove the plastic film on the surface of the mattress to make the mattress breathable and increase the air permeability of the mattress.

2. In use, turn the bed regularly to reduce daily wear and tear. The design of the mattress conforms to the ergonomic design to adapt to the human curve and reduce the pressure on the body. Therefore, after the mattress is used for a period of time, the normal phenomenon of slight indentation drop may occur. This is not a structural problem. If you want to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, please adjust the head and tail of the mattress every two weeks within three months after purchase and every two months after three months. Persistence will make the mattress more durable.

3. Use soap and water to wash or clean stains. Do not use strong acid or strong alkali cleaner to avoid damaging the surface.

4. In humid or seasonal places, it is better to move the mattress to outdoor ventilation to keep the bed dry and fresh.

5. In the process of treatment, it is not allowed to squeeze and fold at will to avoid damaging the mattress.

6. If the mattress is not used at home for a long time, air-permeable packaging should be used (e.g. plastic bags need air holes), and part of the desiccant in the bag should be packaged and put into a dry and ventilated environment.

7. Change bed sheets and bedspreads regularly to keep the mattress surface clean and sanitary. Avoid jumping mattresses, eating or drinking.

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