Coolmax Fabric is Quick-Drying and Energy-Saving


Coolmax fabric is made up of four pipes of fibers and t […]

Coolmax fabric is made up of four pipes of fibers and the largest space between fibers, which ensures better air permeability and quickly transmits moisture emitted from the skin surface to the outer fibers.

Compared with pure cotton, it can absorb sweat, but its perspiration ability is not high, while ordinary chemical fiber has poor perspiration absorption ability, CoolMax® Fiber is excellent in sweat absorption and perspiration. CoolMax® Fiber materials can be used in shirts, trousers, socks, underwear, hats and backpacks.


1. ventilation function

The excellent function of COOLMAX fabric comes from its own structure. With this specially designed fiber, designers can produce high-quality fabrics that are soft, breathable and moisture-absorbing.

2. Easy care

Clothing made of COOLMAX fabric is suitable for machine washing and drying, but fabric softener or chlorine bleach should not be used in washing. Some of these garments may require special care because of their styles (not fabrics). Please read the washing water label on the clothes carefully.

3. Save energy

COOLMAX fabric dries quickly, which helps you reduce the use of dryers. Just hang up the wet clothes and they will soon dry. Its speed is fast enough to satisfy travelers!

4. All-weather comfort

In cold weather, especially during aerobic exercise, COOLMAX fabric provides an ideal first lining. The fabric can take away the wet and cold sweat on the skin surface, and discharge it to the outer layer of the fabric for evaporation. You can keep your body dry and warm at the same time.

For details, please consult functional fabric.

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