Concept and Types of Knitted Fabrics


Knitted fabric is formed by using knitting needles to b […]

Knitted fabric is formed by using knitting needles to bend into loops and string together.


Circular woven fabrics-the main products are: knitting, air layer, polyester cover, brushed cloth, cloth, etc., there are many mixed weaves such as: flat rib change weave, jacquard weave, tuck weave, and yarn Organization, pad organization, terry change organization, etc. Due to the different stitch patterns of the weaving method, the same product will have many changes, such as: mesh cloth has small meshes and so on.

Flat woven fabrics---The main products are: flat knitting ribs, wool sweater fabrics, yarn sweater fabrics, warp knitted plain fabrics, warp knitted mesh fabrics, warp knitting, warp knitting pile fabrics, warp knitted loop fabrics, warp Weaving towel fabric and so on.

Add changes in raw materials (cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, wool, organic hemp, etc. and blends), dyeing changes (color spinning), process changes (jacquard, interweaving, brushing), etc., on the original basis. Many varieties have been regenerated.


It has the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption, breathability, perspiration and warmth, and most of them have excellent elasticity and extensibility. Compared with woven fabric, it has the characteristics of high output and suitable for small batch production. Knitted clothing is comfortable to wear, fits snugly, and has no tightness, which can fully embody the human body.

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