Classification And Use of TPU Composite Fabrics


We understand what TPU composited fabric is and the dif […]

We understand what TPU composited fabric is and the difference between TPU composite fabric and other composite fabrics. So what types and specific uses of TPU composite fabrics are there?

First of all, we first understand the types of TUP composite fabrics:

1. Film coating composite fabric

According to different needs, film coating fabrics with different functions can be made. For example, space cotton is a thermal insulation material composed of polyester ultra-thin non-woven fabric, polyester fiber and metal film. The latest waterproof and breathable fabric is made by coating the surface of the fabric with a microporous polytetrafluoroethylene film and a high-water molecule adhesive.

2. Foam coated composite fabric

Foam coated fabric is a composite fabric formed by bonding the fabric and foam plastic (such as polyurethane) together. The characteristics of foam coated fabrics are:

1) It is light and soft, has warmth retention, and is often used as a cold-proof material.

2) The interior of the foam plastic is composed of air bubbles connected to each other, which has good air permeability.

3) Good shape stability.

3. Bonded composite fabric

Adhesive fabrics are made by bonding two layers of fabric back to back, or bonding three layers of fillers in the middle. It is characterized by:

1) Bond some fabrics that cannot be cut and sewn separately with the lining to make the size stable and have proper flexibility.

2) It can be used to change the fabric combination and bonding conditions to improve the fabric's feel, body bone, and air permeability.

3) Easy to sew, the front and back are cut and sew together, greatly simplifying the garment processing technology.

4. Multi-layer thermal fabric

It consists of two layers of fabrics inside and outside, with flocking in the middle, and through weaving or quilting, they are combined to form a composite fabric, which is generally used as a thermal insulation material.

Finally, we are talking about the specific use of TPU composite fabric:

TPU composite fabrics have a wide range of uses, including luggage, shoe uppers, lower reservoirs, biogas tanks, kayaks, etc., covering almost all the fields that the original PVC fabrics can use. There are coated fabrics, jackets and other cold-resistant, waterproof clothing, windproof, waterproof and moisture-permeable clothing fabrics, which can be used as outdoor clothing. Sofa fabrics, shoes, luggage fabrics can also be used.

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