Breathable Baby Pillow Takes Care of Your Baby's Sleep


As a baby mother, many people will ask if a baby needs […]

As a baby mother, many people will ask if a baby needs to buy a pillow. In fact, this is judged according to the child's age. If the baby doesn't need to sleep on a pillow in six months, it can be considered at this time after the baby is six months old, because at this time, the cervical vertebra begins to change.

When we choose a pillow, we usually keep the baby's head straight. The following one can fix the newborn's head when it shakes back and forth, and use the pillows on both sides. At the same time, it can fit the cervical vertebra and care for the baby's head. This one is made of baby memory cotton, which can better care for the baby's sleep.

How to choose baby pillows? Newborns don't need pillows.

1. Newborns can choose 1-2cm cotton soft pillow when choosing, not too high, which may cause the baby to sleep inappropriately.

2. Pay attention to the anti-mite of materials when choosing, and choose hardness not to be too hard, which is not good for baby's head development.

3. If the material is too soft, it will not be too good, so that the baby's whole head will easily get stuck in the pillow, which will affect the baby's breathing.

4. If you buy a pillow, you should give your baby a pillowcase regularly to avoid more bacteria causing harm to your baby.

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